Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A trip down the hill to Strawberry Farm

Strawberries~! Personally one of my favourite fruit! I have been craving for some since my last visit to Cameron Highlands. I never thought I had the chance to taste strawberries again in Genting Highlands until recently my colleague told me about the Strawberry Farm nearby Gohtong Jaya.

One fine morning, we decided to pay the Strawberry Farm a visit. We took the Genting Skyway at Highlands Hotel until the last station at Gohtong Jaya, followed by a short taxi ride to the entrance of the Strawberry Farm.

Entry to the strawberry farm is free. I noticed that strawberries are not the only fruits propagated here; mushrooms, bean sprouts and flowers are cultivated in adjoining nurseries too.

We were amazed at how fresh and succulent the strawberries could grow despite their origins and were delighted at the idea of being able to pick them right there out of Malaysian soil at a nominal fee of only RM24 per 300 grams or getting the prepacked at the price of RM 18.

Half of the area is occupied by plants while the rests are dedicated to shopping and dining zones.

We stopped by at Farmhouse Café, a dining area serving strawberry delicacies such as strawberry milkshakes, smoothies and pastries. Hmmm~~ YUMMY!

Next, we stop by the Strawberry Farmhouse souvenir store to check out what merchandises they have.

We left the Strawberry Farm with armful of mementos - key chains, strawberry tea and a sombrero that my buddy wanted to surprise his girlfriend with. =D


  1. Super duper enjoy my stay in Strawberry Farm! I love how they planted the strawberries and mushrooms, unlike in an ordinary farm!